Season Dates Minimal nights Villa/night
LOW SEASON 1.11.-31.3. (except Christmas season) 3 €820
MIDDLE SEASON 1.4.-31.5. 1.10.-31.10 3 €930
HIGH SEASON 1.6.-30.6. 1.9.-30.9. 4 €1010
PEAK SEASON 1.7.-31.8. 6 €1250
CHRISTMAS SEASON 21.12.-4.1.2019 19.12.-3.1.2020 5 €850



  1. Nonrefundable prepayment: 50 % of total amount when a reservation is made, the rest must be paid at least 3 weeks prior to the arrival
  2. When canceled 21 or less days before the arrival: 100 % is nonrefundable
  3. Discounts: 5 % in case of 7 nights stay, 10 % in case of 14 nights stay, 20 % in case of 21 days and more
  4. Refundable deposit: 1000 EUR
    Security deposit return. We return the security deposit within 14 days after check-out unless the damage caused by the guest occurs when the security deposit is returned after full settlement of the damage.
  5. Children up to 2 years: free of charge
  6. Maximum sleeping capacity: 20 person (20 adults and children more than 2 years) + 4 babies
  7. Pets: 20 euros per day of stay – but please ask us first





  1. CHECK-IN, CHECK-OUT. Check-in is any time after 5PM, and check-out is by 10AM. Arriving slightly earlier, or want that extra hour to sleep? Should be fine, but please check with us first.
  2. CLEANING. Whilst we do a thorough professional clean between each guest stay, we kindly ask that prior to leaving, you clean and put away any dishes or kitchenware used and put any dirty towels on the floor.
    Should special or otherwise extraordinarily demanding cleaning be necessary, we reserve a right to charge you an extra EUR 300 cleaning fee (will be charged on or after your check-out).
  3. YOUR PRIVACY. We do our best not to disturb you during your stay in Top Cliff Villa. Unless something else is agreed, we try to enter the indoors of the villa, as well as the swimming pool area and the garden, only as necessary for proper maintenance of the property and other necessary works including regular laundry (washing and drying area is located inside at the lower floor of the villa). Should you have any preference as regards timing when these works may be done, please do not be shy to tell us and we will try to arrange our staff´s activities accordingly so that your stay in the villa is as undisturbed as reasonably possible.
  4. GARBAGE TREATMENT. Please sort garbage to the designated waste bins placed in the kitchens (paper, plastic and metal, glass and mixed waste) and every day, or when needed, put the garbage bags into the yellow bin and the sorted one next to it before 6PM. In the morning we will take it to the waste containers in the village – you do not have to do that on your own.
  5. CHILDREN WELCOMED. Children of all ages are welcomed. We did our best to make the villa safe for everyone including the youngest. However, the parents or other responsible person (as the case may be) are fully responsible for their children at all times.
  6. POOL RESPONSIBILITY. The pool area is unattended. Jumping in the pool is not allowed. Parents or other responsible person (as the case may be) are fully responsible for their children.
  7. PARTIES AND EVENTS NOT ALLOWED. Parties and events are allowed ONLY with our previous agreement. Please understand that event fee up to EUR 2,500 and a refundable deposit of EUR 1,500 may be required based on the number of participants and other circumstances. We reserve a right to terminate any party or event as well as your entire stay in the villa, due to any illegal, abusive, damaging, or otherwise unacceptable behavior. In such a case we will provide no refunds.
  8. PETS ALLOWED. Have a pet? Should be no problem…but please ask us first. Pets are welcomed in our separate apartment only and in the garden certainly at additional charge in the amount of EUR 20 per each day.
  9. TOILET PAPER ONLY. Please never flush anything down the toilet except for toilet paper. To prevent blocking and overflow of the toilet, we kindly ask you to place things like sanity napkins in the sanitary bin we have provided in the bathroom and do not use too much toilet paper.
  10. NO SAND IN THE BATHROOMS. Please never flush sand or wash your clothes full of sand from the beach in the baths or showers. To prevent blocking them, we kindly ask you to wash them outside the villa please.
  11. ELEVATOR. Our elevator is for staff only. Would you appreciate assistance with your (heavy) luggage? Please ask our in-house attendant to help you.
  12. INTERNET. Wi-fi internet connection in the villa may be poor at times. At our gorgeous (solitude) cliff internet comes from mobile network and that is dependent on the weather. We hope you will experience no trouble of this regard during your stay, however, when it happens we suggest to enjoy our pool or the ocean instead.
  13. SAVE HOT WATER. Please help us saving hot water for everyone in the villa. We have a 300 L hot water tank. If all used it takes 1 hours to boil the water again.
  14. EQUIPMENT (HEATERS, FANS…) SWITCHING. To ensure your full safety and to keep our costs down we kindly ask that you switch off electric heaters in the bathrooms, heating in the rooms, lights, fans, laptops etc. when they are not in use or when leaving the villa.
  15. ELECTRICITY DROP-OUTS. Being the only house on the cliff we occasionally experience short electricity drop-outs, especially during storms or other severe weather. Should it happen while your stay with us, please have little patience and cooperate with our staff. It is usually fixed within few hours.
  16. NO OPEN FIRE If you want to make a barbecue, please use the outside grill. For your safety, please place and use the grill only! at the lower terrace next to the stairs leading to the pool under the open air. It is strictly forbidden to make barbecues inside the semi-open kitchen at the lower terrace and in the kitchens. If in doubt, please ask.
  17. NO BATH TOWELS ON THE BEACH. We provide each room with beach towels. Please use them and do not take our bath towels to the beach.
  18. LOCKING THE DOOR. Top Cliff Villa will provide you with your own house key when you arrive. To ensure full safety of our guests’ belongings, we like to keep the outside doors and front gate locked as a precautionary measure and please ensure that you lose any open windows. If you lose the key you may be charged for the cost of a replacement. The key is to be returned when you finish your stay.
  19. NO SMOKING INSIDE. Please do not smoke in the villa, you can only smoke outside and use the containers provided for the butts. Also applies to all types of e-cigarettes
  20. MAXIMUM OCUPANCY OF 20 PERSONS. We ask that you kindly respect our maximum occupancy requirement.
  21. POOL HEATING DURING LOW SEASON. During low season months (March, April, May, October, November) outside swimming pool is not heated. If requested at least one week before your arrival we are happy to warm the pool´s water for you at additional charge in the amount of EUR 70 per each day of your stay. In exceptional cases and in every case upon your prior approval we may require EUR 70 per day also for period before your arrival necessary for the swimming pool up to heat up.
  22. UMBRELLAS – we kindly ask you to quickly close umbrellas when the wind picks up.
    Guests are fully liable for any damage.
  23. NO FURNITURE MOVING. Moving furniture or using the indoor sound system outdoors is not allowed. Guests are fully liable for any damage.
  24. PARKING – parking at the villa works as a one-way street; please follow the manager's instructions
  25. 25. ANYTHING DAMAGED? Do not worry, accidents can happen sometimes. Please let us know immediately if something has been broken or damaged. Chances are we can fix them as effortlessly as possible which also means better chances of having your full security deposit returned too.
  26. ASK IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION OR ISSUE. The key is, we are almost always here, just ask if you need something or want to know something. We appreciate the opportunity to make things more comfortable for you. If we are not here, just text. We will point you in the right direction.